Cadence Creek Cowboys, Book 4 - A Cowboy to Come Home To
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 9, 2013 - 2:18:27 PM

Since divorcing her cheating husband, Melissa Stone has focused on making her flower arranging business a success – and avoiding her ex best friend Cooper.  It’s not bad enough that her husband cheated on her but the simple fact that Cooper knew that he had and didn’t say anything is a betrayal she isn’t ready to forgive.  The only thing she truly regrets about her divorce is the simple fact that she never got pregnant because having a family of her own is one of her fondest desires.


Cooper Ford deeply regrets the part he played in Melissa’s divorce.  He knew he should have told her but Scott, her ex, was his friend as well so the entire situation isn’t as cut and dried as it would seem.  In the end he lost both his best friends, but he’s really hoping to be able to convince Melissa to forgive him.  Then maybe someday there’d be the possibility for their friendship to become the romance he’s always secretly wanted.


Cooper’s really trying to get back into Melissa’s good graces but she’s doing everything she can to keep him at a distance.  Even if she could forgive him, forgetting his betrayal is impossible so it’s really for the best that they continue avoiding each other.  That proves to be impossible though because they’re both working on a charity project rebuilding a home for one of the families within their community who lost everything in a house fire.  Avoiding each other becomes impossible and eventually Melissa clues Cooper in that she has plans to start a family – alone.  Obviously the whole mom, dad, 2.5 kids, family dog and white picket fence just isn’t going to happen for her – so she’s prepared to scratch the dad/husband part off the list.  Cooper understands her desire for a family but believes she needs more than a baby to complete the picture she has in her head – and if he’s very lucky maybe he can fulfill that role.


I genuinely love Donna Alward’s charming downhome romances and A COWBOY TO COME HOME TO is no exception.  Melissa and Cooper are easy to empathize with and even though they’re frustrated with each other there’s still a connection that’s evident throughout the storyline.  The CADENCE CREEK is a close-knit community so we’re treated to glimpses of many of the other characters who are just as memorable as Melissa and Cooper.  A COWBOY TO COME HOME TO reminds readers that even in bad times there are things to be thankful for and people who will stand beside us – even if we don’t want them to.  Somehow I think many people forget that little life lesson so it’s nice to have the reminder every once in a while.  As much as I enjoyed this story there’s one little issue I had with a part of the storyline that I just can’t wipe from my mind, but otherwise I found this story to be wonderfully entertaining and emotionally charged.


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