A Cry in the Dark

Author: Jenna Mills

Publisher: Harlequin Intimate Moments

Release Date: June 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Danielle Caldwell is no stranger to tragedy, the gut wrenching, life altering kind. But even though she's endured a bizarre and tragic past, it still couldn't prepare her for the heart-wrenching fear that was now consuming her with every breath she takes. As the unfeeling, icy tentacles of fear wrap themselves insidiously around her body, she feels her world shatter around her. Someone has stolen her most precious gift.... her six-year-old son. She will do anything to get Alex back. Follow her instructions to the letter, if only Liam Brooks, the incredibly rugged and fascinating FBI agent, would understand and leave her alone.

More than anything else, Liam wants to end Titan's reign and the encroaching evil he brings with him. He sacrificed his marriage, his unborn child, the life of his wife, in fact his very soul in his pursuit of him. Nothing is going to stand in the way of his revenge. Not even the wild, gypsy beauty who has terror and sorrow reflected in her beautiful, green eyes, whose body he wants to posses but knows he has no right to.

With the help from uncanny connections to strangers, (who all hear the cry in the dark), trusting each other and believing in themselves, both Danielle and Liam charter new life paths together. In their quest for Alex, they find inner peace and everlasting love. Hopefully they will they are able to keep a tenacious hold on their newfound feelings, and not let Titan finally find the success he wants and stop Liam permanently.

Jenna Mills' A CRY IN THE DARK weaves a titillating tale of intrigue, deception, justice, determination and combustible passion. This is the first book in the FAMILY SECRETS, THE NEXT GENERATION Series and I know that I will be anxiously waiting for the next one!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nadine St. Denis

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