A Damaged Trust
By Jo
Aug 9, 2013 - 11:00:29 AM

A DAMAGED TRUST is a contemporary romance set on a ranch in Colorado with cowboys, romance and love along with several adventures and misadventures.  The story immediately grabbed my interest with Carrie's verbal attacks on a Good Samaritan wanting to help her with her flat tire and didn't once waver throughout.  Her love of photography was apparent and her talent was amazing although it also set her apart from her family and friends.

Carpenter's A DAMAGED TRUST has a feisty heroine in Carrie.  She is a very complex character that we come to know little by little and she learns a little about herself along the way as well.  Carrie is calm and cool one minute and flying off the handle the next.  She loves to argue and growing up with brothers on a ranch she learned to hold her own.  Watching her learn to think before she says or does something is often times funny since I can almost see her thought processes at work.  Watching the interactions between her and her family and her and Gabe tells a lot about who she is.  It was interesting to see how others came to rely on Carrie because she's so strong without their ever realizing it.  Gabe and she had a hard time connecting at times because they are both so determined and used to being on their own but when they did connect the stars were aligned!  It was intriguing to watch them get closer but still not know where it was going.  Throwing Neil, the ex boyfriend, into the mix had the sparks flying and what Carrie ever saw in him was mindboggling since he didn't seem to fit her at all. The ending gave nice closure but I would have loved an epilogue or a few more chapters to see the author's spin on Carrie and Gabe's happily ever after.

Carpenter is a new to me author.  This is the second book by Carpenter that I've read in as many days.  Though the premises were totally different both were well written and enjoyable reads.  I now have a new author added to my TBR pile.

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