Kiss Trilogy, Book 3 - A Dangerous Kiss
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 23, 2012 - 11:42:41 AM

Sports consultant Payton ‘Sin’ Sinclair has an extremely successful career, great friends, and women clamoring for his attention. His best friends, Alex and C.J., have found love and despite his determination to keep his bachelorhood, Sin secretly longs to follow in their footsteps.  His romantic interest is restaurant owner Summer but he’s under no illusions that he can form any sort of lasting relationship – his deep dark secret won’t allow it.

Summer Radcliffe owns and runs a popular New York City restaurant.  Her life hasn’t exactly been easy but she’s never let it keep her down.  She’s a strong determined woman with friends who have never failed to support her when times got rough.  Sin has always held a special place in her heart but now with all their friends hooking up she’s experiencing a bit of frustration – especially since Sin seems determined to ignore the attraction between them.


Sin is planning to throw a party at his new penthouse for his clients and he really wants Summer to play hostess as well as cater the party.  What he didn’t think about was how much work actually goes into preparing an event this important.  All his sweet-talking isn’t convincing Summer to agree to help him.  She’s busy with her restaurant and more than a little confused by her growing feelings for Sin so doesn’t feel it’s a good idea to spend a whole lot of time with Sin.  Unfortunately it’s difficult to ignore a man as dynamic as Sin and she soon agrees to his request.  She also agrees to help the staff at Callahan’s with the engagement party for C.J. and Cicely.  It doesn’t take long before Sin and Summer give into their passion for each other but neither of them is under any illusions that their relationship is heading for a happily-ever-after.  Sin’s fears regarding his future are preventing him from living a full life now, will anyone be able to convince him that life is full of uncertainties and sometimes you just have to take chances – especially when A DANGEROUS KISS is so very satisfying.


A DANGEROUS KISS is the third title in Francis Ray’s KISS TRILOGY.  I’ve really enjoyed all of the stories but I have to admit that this is my favorite.  Sin and Summer are such dynamically strong willed characters who obviously care deeply for their family and friends – as well as each other. This is an emotionally driven romance that’s tempered with enough humor to ensure that readers will enjoy every moment of Sin and Summer’s romance.  One of the things I particularly loved about this series is the friendship depicted by Sin, C.J. and Alex as well as their women.  They have the sort of bond that most people can only dream of ever having – it was enough to make me envious and a little jealous but still very happy that such friendships do exist. 


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