A Delicious Taboo Plus Two
By Lacey
Aug 1, 2008 - 7:23:35 PM

For two years, Melanie Drake and her four gay lovers have devoted themselves to a committed relationship.  She loves each of the men in her life; Philip, Calen, Van and Jake make up her family, each one being her lover and best friend.  She doesn’t want anything to change.

But the men start to notice a change in her health, and after she collapses at work, they find out from the hospital Mel is pregnant.  To her, it’s a big deal to know the specifics.  However, to them, their dreams are coming true.  None expected to become parents so quickly, and everyone but Mel is happy with the news.

As the pregnancy progresses, the doctor informs Mel that she’s not having one baby, but two.  This means two more will be added to her already perfect family.  Will this be the turning point for her dreams to shatter and the men in her life to finally realize they’d rather be gay couples and exclude her from their perfect world?

A DELICIOUS TABOO PLUS TWO is a highly entertaining story.  The family of five is an interesting concept, one that is hard to pull off, but Ms. Cole did so with ease.  I enjoyed each of the characters and the glimpse the author gave into their lives.  A great read for those looking for a good story.

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