A Devil in the City of Angels
By Sandra Tibbetts
Jul 7, 2003 - 10:46:00 PM

Vanessa Lembeck works in the Hollywood film industry. A busy work schedule and a co-worker who is harassing her all fade away when one day she sees on television a musician who had been a minor rock star twenty years before. She vowed that if she were to ever meet him that she would give him the best sex of his life.

Then several weeks later, real life and fantasy merged at a music industry party. Michael noticed her because she didn't look like she belonged at a music industry party full of con artists, know-it alls, and career whores. Her sweet face caught his attention, but the nasty sexual look in her eyes sealed the deal. He knew two kinds of women and they were either outright sleazy or feminist frigid. So he would get a quick shag or a long argument. But this combination of shyness and sleaziness was new and irresistible to him. They began their affair immediately and much to Michael's astonishment and delight he becomes her sex slave. She becomes his dominatrix mistress during the night, and his love during the day.


This story is a love story with a twist for those who enjoy S&M. I found that Michael was a tender loving man who loved Vanessa a great deal and did not lose his manliness by his submission to her. Vanessa, while into domination in the bedroom, was timid and fearful at work with her co-worker that was harassing her. This did not seem to fit the rest of her character in the story.

While the story started out flowing smoothly and with good character development, I soon became disappointed when the scenes and story line began to be disjointed and confusing, with unexplained events that had me checking back to see if I had missed something important. Which causes you to become distracted instead of being immersed in the story. When they were making love in the kitchen and then they were in the bedroom, without the briefest explanation, as one would expect. Another time they were going out to the car to take her to work, and in the next sentence they were naked without ever taking off their clothes.


This story is for the reader who enjoys S&M and threesomes with romance as a backdrop. While this story is not my cup of tea others may enjoy it.  This author shows the potential for great storytelling. 

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