A Dream Across Time
By Teresa Henson
Apr 15, 2006 - 3:03:00 PM

Jamie Elliott hopes their move to St. Lucia, in the Caribbean islands, will be a fresh start for her and her husband, Paul. She hopes his drinking problem will take a turn for the better with his wonderful new job in such a beautiful atmosphere. From the moment she sets foot on the island, she has the feeling she has been here before.

At the scene of an accident along the way to their new home, Jamie pitches in to assist one of the local men, Andre Demontagne, with the casualties. For some reason, she feels like she already knows Andre, and is drawn to him. Unknown to her, Andre has the same feeling, also. But she is married, so she represses those feeling-at least until after she and Paul make plans to divorce. Unforeseen complications arise. Will she be able to solve them?

All her life, Jamie has had dreams about parrots, and they intensify once she moves to St. Lucia. Some of these dreams are disturbing to her. To make matters worse, the relationship between Paul and herself is deteriorating rapidly, his drinking is getting progressively worse. She also suspects him of cheating on her. When her mother unexpectedly falls ill and dies, she is crushed. Her mother leaves her a curious inheritance-a very old, child's diamond cross and prayer book. They have been passed down throughout the generations, but who did they come from? To her surprise, the answers come from the very island she is living on. Little does she dream of the impact these small items have on the people closest to her on the island.

A DREAM ACROSS TIME starts out with emotional conflict and action, and the emotion just keeps building and growing throughout the entire story. I love how the story starts out with the history of the island family 200 years earlier. There are many secrets kept by various, and vital characters and each one plays a major role in the story. Even the characters you think of as secondary contribute an important role to the plot. This novel is a wonderful mix of modern times, and old native legends and beliefs. I could hardly wait to see how the story was played out, and had several surprises before the end. I was highly impressed at the skill used in writing this book. It contained a little bit of everything to please everyone-history, conflict, love, betrayal, mystery and a touch of the supernatural. I'm anxious to see what else Ms. Rogers, who is actually the writing team of Mala and Roger Burt, come up with next!

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