A Drummer's Beat To Mend
By Billie Jo
Sep 1, 2005 - 1:28:00 PM

Tetsuro Takamitsu is a Taiko drummer from
Japan .  While Tetsuro is on tour in Cleveland Ohio , his hand is crushed in an accident.  At the hospital, Tetsuro realizes that he may never be able to play the drums again and will need a specialist to try and repair his hand.  When his surgeon, McKenna Stafford, walks in, he is completely captivated and puts his trust into her ability to fix him.  As he is going through his physical therapy, he is falling in love with McKenna.  He knows that this love can never work because of the heartache and pain he has endured in the past.  Will Tetsuro follow his heart with McKenna and let the past die?  Or will the beat of a drummer take him home and away from the woman he loves?

McKenna Stafford is considered one of the best surgeons in her field.  She is young, beautiful and very talented.  She has worked hard her whole life to follow in her father's footsteps.  When she is called in to fix the hand of a drummer, she has no idea that love is waiting for her.  As she looks into Tetsuro's eyes, she finds herself committing a cardinal sin; she reassures him that he will be able to use his hand again.  When Tetsuro is released from the hospital, he has no place to stay, so she offers her home to him.  She swore to herself that she would never allow her heart to love anyone else again.  Each day she is with him, she feels the wall around her heart crumbling.  Will McKenna allow herself to love him?  Or will she decide it is safer to immerse herself in her career and not trust love again?

A DRUMMER'S BEAT TO MEND is a magical love story that will leave you breathless.  This captivating love story makes you believe that true love can heal your heart and overcome every obstacle in your way.  Kei Swanson did a beautiful job with the characters and setting.  Everything was very realistic.  This heart-warming story made me cry at the pain these two people have endured and made me root for them to get together.  If you are looking for a love story to warm your heart, than this is the book for you. 

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