A Fabulous Husband: Forty & Fabulous: Book 2

Author: Dianne Castell

Publisher: Harlequin American Romance

Release Date: October 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Barbara Jean Fairmont wants to be a mother.  Unfortunately, there are some sizable obstacles standing in her way.  She's forty, she's single, and she has a demanding job - not exactly the ideal candidate to adopt a child.  BJ is the town doctor in Whistler's Bend, Montana and although most of the town's inhabitants count on her to care for them, she wants children of her own to care for and love.  She nearly married once but currently there's no man in her life, so her prospects for parenthood are dwindling.  And as if her life wasn't crazy enough already, now her old high school flame is back in town.  This had better be a temporary visit!

Colonel Flynn MacIntire has devoted his life to the US Army.  Unfortunately, he knows from experience that leading men into danger is not an easy job.  Flynn recently lost some good men under his command and seriously injured his leg in combat.  Unless he recovers quickly, his career is in jeopardy.  He decided to return home to Montana to heal but deep down, he isn't sure he can bounce back from this one.  Not that he's been trying very hard.  He's been smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy food and not exercising instead of working to recover.  His family knows things aren't right.  Even his grandmother was worried enough to try to enlist BJ's help.  The last thing Flynn needs is BJ Fairmont butting into his life.  Sure, eons ago they briefly dated but they couldn't ever seem to agree on anything.


Things haven't changed much over the years.  Flynn and BJ can barely spend thirty seconds together without arguing.  BJ doesn't need this extra stress!  The sooner Flynn recovers and leaves town to rejoin the army, the happier BJ will be.  Flynn is annoying, exasperating - and hunkier than ever.  And then he does something that surprises the heck out of her.  BJ can't believe her ears when he offers a marriage of convenience to make her more attractive as an adoptive parent.  It wouldn't be permanent and it would be anything but a real marriage.  Should BJ accept Flynn's offer?  Is he even serious?  What will happen when it's time for Flynn to walk away?


I love that BJ keeps her sense of humor no matter how overwhelming her life becomes.  Also, it touched my heart that being a parent was more important to her than giving birth to a biological child.  I admire Flynn and his dedication to the army and serving his country.  I also admire the generous way he wanted to help BJ's dream come true. Sure, they seemed like total opposites in many ways, but they were perfectly matched when it came to the most important things in life.  I hoped they would realize that and do something about it!  A FABULOUS HUSBAND is the kind of story that will stay with you long after you've turned the last page.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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