A Fabulous Wedding: Forty & Fabulous: Book 3
By Alane
Apr 9, 2006 - 12:59:00 PM

Dixie Carmichael thought things were bad three years ago when her husband left her for a Victoria's Secret model.  But finding a lump in her breast was a real wake-up call.  Dixie is relieved to learn it's benign but she knows there are thousands of women who aren't so lucky.  She decides to make the most of her reprieve and follow her dream of being a newspaper reporter.  Before she can set her sights on a big-city job, she knows she'll need a few stories under her belt.   Although her hometown of Whistlers Bend, Montana isn't exactly a hotbed of criminal activity, Dixie knows smugglers have been meeting on the outskirts of town.  There's a story that would get her noticed!  She decides to do a little digging.  But first, she decides to stop in for a new hairdo.  What happened to the salon?  And why is a hot, sexy strange man tearing up the place?

Nick Romero is an FBI agent assigned to a smuggling case in an out-of-the-way Montana town.  He's undercover as a restaurant owner.  It's not such a stretch.  Once this case is closed, Nick plans to leave the FBI and open up his own small-town restaurant for real.  He's an excellent cook, and he's more than ready to settle down and move into a less demanding career field.  Then Dixie Carmichael sashays into his new restaurant and knocks him off his feet.  Not only is she gorgeous and vivacious, she's also intelligent and insightful.  To Nick's consternation, Dixie is determined to investigate the smugglers.  He wants to keep her safe!  He would rather keep her close, but he's afraid she'll figure out his true reason for being in Whistlers Bend. 


Dixie doesn't know what to think about Nick, so she decides to hone her investigative skills on him.  He certainly seems interested in her, but he keeps pushing her away whenever things start to heat up.  She's suspicious, but she can't stay away.  Oh well, chalk it up to her bad taste in men.  No reason she can't have a little fun anyway, right?  At least her eyes are wide open this time around. 


Can Nick stay away from a very determined Dixie while the investigation is in progress?  Can he find a way to distract her from the smugglers without blowing his cover?  And what happens once the case is closed?  Dixie is determined to be a big-city reporter.  Nick has had more than enough of cities and wants to open his restaurant somewhere in small-town America.  Will they follow their dreams?  Or will they give up on each other forever?


A FABULOUS WEDDING is the final story in Dianne Castell's wonderfully entertaining FORTY AND FABULOUS series.  What fun to watch Nick try to stay one step ahead of Dixie as she attempts to figure out just what Nick is hiding.  There's plenty of depth to these characters, too.  Nick succeeded in spite of his past, and he's quick to give credit to his Nonna Celest.  And it wasn't enough for Dixie to get good hews about her own health.  She did all she could to help raise awareness and money for those who weren't so lucky.  I was happy to get an update on BJ, Flynn, Maggie and Jack from the earlier books.  I'm sad to see the series end, but I definitely enjoyed my visits to Whistlers Bend!

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