A Family Affair
By Char
Jul 11, 2006 - 2:46:00 PM

Christine Blacksworth has modeled her life after her beloved father’s example; hard work and determination has led her to the top of a career they both share.  The only thing Christine has never shared with her father is the four days each month he spends at his get-away cabin in the mountains.  Charles Blacksworth told Christine that he spent that time regrouping and relaxing and the time away allowed him to stay on top of all his commitments while he was at work.  Christine is devastated when her father is killed on an icy road during one of his get-away days.  She is even more disturbed by the fact that he wasn’t anywhere near his cabin when he died and as she looks deeper she discovers that the father she idolized and thought of as having a deep sense of integrity had been living a double-life for years.

Christine is forced to deal with much of the details of her father’s death on her own.  Her father’s brother, Harry, tries to be supportive, but is at a loss on what to advise Christine to do.  Her mother is unable to make decisions for herself and Christine does not want her mother to know that her husband had been cheating on her for years.  Christine decides to confront the woman, her father’s mistress, on her own and confirm to herself that she is a hard-hearted gold-digger.  Then Christine will be able to give Lily Desantro the money her father left her and she will be able to close that chapter of her father’s life.


When Christine reaches the small town of Magdelena, New York she meets the son, Nate Desantro, of the woman her father had been seeing and discovers that he hated the situation their parents were in as much as she does.  When Christine finally meets the woman her father had been spending four days each month with she faces another shocking secret…the woman she confronts is Miriam Desantro, not Lily.  Christine demands to know who Lily is to her father, but no one wants to give her the information.  Who exactly is Lily?  How did she fit into Christine’s father’s life?  Pick up this wonderful book and discover all the secrets Charles Blacksworth had been keeping concealed for years.


A FAMILY AFFAIR by Mary Campisi is a heart-wrenching, secret filled story.  Christine begins the book as a young lady with only success in business on her mind.  By the end of this story Christine has been faced with so many life changing secrets that her perspective about herself, her father and the other members of her family makes a complete turn around and she discovers what is really important in life.  All the characters are portrayed with a depth that is astounding and I was so drawn into the story that at the end I did not want to put the book down and admit that this wonderful story was over.  Do yourself a favor and pick up this book, you won’t be disappointed.

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