A Family To Belong To
By Tammy Kelley
Aug 1, 2005 - 6:31:00 PM

Being in foster care since the age of eight Kate has lost all faith and hope of ever having a family to call her own.  Just when Kate thought she would forever be in the foster care system Aunt Babs takes her in to be apart of her family.  Even though Kate is living with Aunt Babs and her daughter Debbie, Kate still has the fear that one day she will be moved to another foster home. 

Ever since Kate can remember she has been in love with Gideon; but he only had eyes for Laura.  After graduation Kate left the Island and moved to London, she had to get away from the one thing she knew she would never have because of a surgery she had when she was twenty-one.  Kate kept herself busy with work so she wouldn't have to think about all that she would never have a family.

When Kate gets a phone call that Aunt Babs has died, she has to go back to the one place she hasn't been back to since she left.  When riding to the Island on the ferry Kate runs into the one man that she never thought she would have to see again, Gideon.  After the funeral for Aunt Babs circumstances happen that make Kate have to stay to help her sister Debbie.  Not only does Kate have to stay to make sure everything turns out alright with her sister, she starts doing the one thing she has tried to avoid, taking care of children.

While taking care of Gideon's daughters, Kate has to deal with her feelings that have never gone away since she was in High School.  What Kate doesn't know is that Gideon is feeling the same way about her.  Now that Laura is no longer in the picture does Kate have a chance with the only man that she has ever really loved?

Will Kate and Gideon be able to come together or are they going to both let what they are looking for slip through their fingers?

A FAMILY TO BELONG TO by Natasha Oakley is a heart touching book.  She brings the characters out, to where you feel as if you can feel Kate and Gideon's pain and their love for each other.  Natasha Oakley is a refreshing author that has written a book that can be read and enjoyed by all ages.

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