A Family for the Holidays

Author: Linda L. Lattimer

Publisher: Tree Press

Release Date: April 20, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Single mother Victoria Williams has just received a horrifying diagnosis of breast and ovarian cancer.  Her father died of lung cancer ten years ago and she vividly remembers his treatment and gradual demise. This diagnosis comes with a world of worries - what about her children, her mother, the dog? Who'll take care of all of them? Victoria's had to be strong since her divorce, her ex-husband sends the child support payments but otherwise he has nothing to do with their children - she's determined to weather through the chemotherapy and radiation treatments without confiding in her family. She doesn't want them worrying.

After leaving the doctor's office and paying a visit to the radiology department, Victoria decides to stop by the grocery store and pick up something special for dinner. She picks up everything she needs and then realizes that she forgot to get eggs and rushes back to pick up a carton. Then she notices the cookie dough and picks up four rolls on a whim. Turning abruptly she heads back to her cart, only to end up plastering a dozen eggs all over the front shirt of the poor man unfortunate enough to be in her path.

Josh Miller finds it impossible to forget the encounter at the grocery store with the beautiful woman. The last thing he expects is to see her as a chemo patient. Her tiny veins result in him being the one to get her IV set up and while he tries to reassure her that she'll be okay, reality is cancer is a killer! Over time she confides in him about her life, marriage, kids, and he realizes this is the woman he wants in his life regardless of what roadblocks life throws their way.

Linda Lattimer brings to life the importance of family in our lives with her newest release A FAMILY FOR THE HOLIDAYS. While Victoria's battle with cancer is the pivotal plot, I found the scenes with her children to be extremely emotional and wanted to hug each of them. Their father's absence has left a void in all their lives and now the one person they've always been able to count on is obviously very ill. If any family needs a bit of luck and a loving man in their lives, this is it! Josh enters their lives at just the right time, but convincing Victoria to give him a chance is going to be challenging. This is a powerfully emotional read that I'd highly recommend.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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