A Father For Her Triplets

Author: Susan Meier

Publisher: HQ

Release Date: May, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Wyatt McKenzie has come back to his childhood home to look for some jewelry that his mother knows his grandmother had  at her home. Wyatt realizes the woman next door is his high school crush, Missy Johnson, and her triplets.

Missy Johnson has had a rough time supporting her adorable triplets since her divorce four years ago. Missy has started her own business baking and decorating wedding cakes from her home.

When Wyatt comes roaring up to his grandmother’s house on his motorcycle and a little boy comes out of the shrubs from next door, wanting a ride, Wyatt never imagined that the mother who comes looking for him would be his high school crush from fifteen years ago. Seeing Missy Johnson again brings back memories of the high school prom queen and head cheerleader and him as the king of the geeks.

Wyatt has done well in his life in Florida. He writes comic books and owns his own publishing company. Money has been no object for him for a long time. Wyatt has gone through a nasty divorce that has played out in the courts for four years. His ex wanted half his company after cheating on him and trying to turn his employees against him. Wyatt was not looking for another relationship but he sure wouldn’t mind a fling with Missy for the month he will be in town.

Missy has had a rough time trying to feed her triplets and keep things together since her ex-husband doesn’t pay any support. She has started her own company from home baking wedding cakes so she can take care of her kids. Missy is striving toward a goal of being an independent woman and her kids wanting for nothing. But the instant attraction to Wyatt has set her on her heels. Missy would like to get to know this new Wyatt as friends.

Wyatt and Missy’s son Owen develop an instant rapport. Wyatt can see that Owen, being the only boy with two sisters who don’t want to play his kind of games, needs a playmate. So Wyatt starts playing with Owen and therefore is getting closer to Missy. Their friendship works well until their feelings start getting intense. Is Missy able to just have a summer fling or will she want a forever love to make a family with? With Wyatt living in Florida and Missy in Maryland, will a long-distance romance work for them?

A FATHER FOR HER TRIPLETS delves into the ramifications of divorcees with kids and a money man versus a self-independent woman. This story is a thought provoking tale as well as a fun loving experience of self examination. I enjoyed this story and am pleased to have a second bonus read to go with it.

HER PREGNANCY SURPRISE is also written by Susan Meier.

Danny Carson and Grace McCartney are employer and employee spending time together at Danny’s beach house courting a new client. After the client is gone the happy work couple participates in a one nightstand. Grace thinks he is the One and when she discovers she is pregnant, Grace expects Danny to be happy too. Danny’s bad divorce and guilt over his son’s death makes Danny think Grace is just trying to marry him for his money. Feelings are hurt and it all looks bad for everyone but will love win out in the end? This story is a great addition to an already great read. I highly recommend this double read to everyone for some feel good reading.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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