A Few Good Men (Red, Hot & Blue - Book 7)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 30, 2013 - 10:57:49 AM

Staff Sergeant John Blake doesn’t have much of a personal life. Being deployed in Iraq doesn’t give much opportunity to socialize with women, unless it’s with a pen pal and he just doesn’t have time or the interest to be bothered with going that route. He knows his friend and fellow soldier, Jazzy, has an erotic romance author for a pen pal that he met through a military support website. He’s baffled by Jazzy’s excitement over this pen pal, after all, she can only be a little old granny type. It just isn’t possible that a young, attractive woman would want to correspond with a solider. John gets through his days by sheer determination, a lot of caffeine and his dedication to his job. He’s not looking for romance, or even a woman to converse with - until he unwittingly begins corresponding with Summer Winters.

Erotic Romance author Maureen Mullen, a.k.a. Summer Winters, hasn’t had the best of luck finding decent men to date. In fact the best men she’s met lately are stationed overseas. Her gay friend, Peter, gives her a bad time about her lack of dates and her obsession with soldiers and they agree to go on a series of double dates, each week they’ll embark on a date with what seems to be a never-ending stream of losers. Meanwhile she continues to email with her soldier pen pals and finds herself falling for a certain Staff Sergeant John Blake.


John and Summer would never have begun corresponding if it hadn’t been for Jazzy being injured in the line of duty. He convinces John that he has to email Summer and reassure her that he’s alive. Even though John didn’t think he needed or wanted a pen pal he finds himself obsessing over Summer. Over time their emails turn heated and they find themselves wishing for a future together. Is there any hope for a hardcore military man and a love hungry romance author to build a life together or is their cyber relationship going to be all that they’ll share?


Cat Johnson has won over many hearts with her wonderful stories about military men and the women who love them. A FEW GOOD MEN continues her wonderful heartfelt military theme and adds another exciting aspect with Summer and her horrible dating experience which she writes about in her blog. I loved getting to know the characters in this story and ‘watching’ as John and Summer’s relationship develops. Even the secondary characters will keep you riveted to the pages and as a special bonus, Ms. Johnson even treats us to some more of the wonderful Special Task Force Zeta men we loved from her previous military stories. All in all, this is a story full of red-hot passion, fascinating characters and thrilling situations that are sure to earn Cat Johnson many new fans.

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