A Filly for Doug
By Nickie Langdon
Sep 15, 2007 - 3:59:34 PM

Once bitten twice shy sums up Helaine Willis’s feelings toward men. She was involved in a relationship that left her shaken and scared to try again. Doug Blue lost his fiancée to Jake. He’s watched the couple and wishes for the same kind of love.

The unlikely friendship between the two men has sparked a fire in Doug that has him wishing for a woman who will submit to him and allow him to take her to heights of pleasure she’s never known. There’s also a deep seated feeling of guilt that comes with those urges. Doug wonders if his mother would approve of his living out his dominant fantasies.

Helaine Willis has been hurt – badly. She longs for a fulfilling relationship but she’s scared she might fall into another abusive one. She’s known Jake for a long time and while she trusts him more than any other man, she’s still not sure she should accept his offer of a blind date with someone she doesn’t know.


Jake and Jilly invite Doug and Helaine to their home. If they’re on neutral ground and Helaine isn’t comfortable, she’ll be able to leave in her own vehicle. When Doug sees her for the first time, he’s immediately taken with her and senses her reluctance. He feels a strong need to take her into his keeping and make her whole again.


Helaine wavers between wanting what Doug offers and running away. Her confidence level is at an all-time low and she finds it hard to trust this man even though he strikes a spark deep in her soul. It could be a ruse and she’s not prepared to face pain and abuse again.


The budding relationship goes through many ups and downs as Doug works to gain her confidence and love.


Reese Gabriel has written a wonderfully metaphorical story about a man’s need to take a scarred and scared woman on a journey into a loving and submissive bond. A FILLY FOR DOUG will keep you glued to the pages and have you alternately cheering and cajoling the couple as they work through their problems and Helaine’s insecurities.


The end of this book is unlike anything he’s written and definitely leaves the door open for more stories about this couple as well as Jake and Jilly whom we met in ROPING HIS FILLY. It’s a must read and a keeper. But be sure you read Jake and Jilly’s story first.


As with all his stories, Mr. Gabriel brings a man and woman into the world of BDSM with love, understanding and grace.


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