A Fine Specimen
By Katie
Apr 18, 2009 - 3:46:00 PM

Lieutenant Alex Cruz is under a great deal of pressure to bring down a local mobster who has been terrorizing the town of Baylorville for years. And now Alex may have a way to finally catch this criminal. He won’t rest until he does. But all his plans go awry when Caitlin Summers enters his office.

Caitlin is a behavioral psychology major who is doing her dissertation on “Dominance Displays in Law Enforcement.” Alex’s boss and captain told Caitlin to go see Alex. For the next week she will interview various police officers and follow Alex around. Caitlin is a bit uncomfortable because Alex is very much an alpha male who won’t be pushed around. And when Ray calls in a favor, Alex has no choice but to let Caitlin observe his world.


Something about Caitlin gets under Alex’s skin. Even though she wears glasses and horrible clothes, she is quite the beauty because of her joy in asking questions and excitement in the work that Alex does. She may be a bit clumsy and has a habit of spilling drinks onto his lap, but Alex doesn’t seem to mind.


Because Alex is worried for Caitlin’s safety, he won’t let her out of his sight. Caitlin is a big girl and feels she can handle herself, but Alex won’t listen to her. Not only is he making sure she eats and is protected, but he can’t help but want Caitlin in his bed as well as in his home. And because Caitlin tugs at his heart, he will show her what an alpha male can do when the woman he wants also longs for him in return.


Alex is very much A FINE SPECIMEN is this latest by Lisa Marie Rice. He is one male who is meant to be obeyed in everything. And when Caitlin enters his life, there is no going back to what he had before. His dedication to his job is still very strong, but now he has another passion for something else and that is loving Caitlin.


Caitlin is adorable. She is a whirlwind of energy and perhaps a bit too innocent. Because of her nature, Alex can’t help but fall hard for her. These two click right away and when they get to the loving between them, it is perfect. You may need to grab a fan, especially when you read a certain scene where Alex and Caitlin have some fun in the kitchen.


You can always count on Lisa Marie Rice to deliver a passionate romance with heroes that are sexy and larger than life and the women who tame them. A FINE SPECIMEN delivers in every way.

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