A Fostered Love
By Christina
Jun 1, 2009 - 11:40:48 AM

Christian can’t believe his eyes when he sees Jonah standing on Mari’s doorstep. He hasn’t seen his former foster brother and bunkmate in fifteen years and he never thought he’d see him again. He has had a crush on Jonah since he was a teenager, and Jonah is even sexier than he remembers. Jonah is in town to attend Mari’s funeral and Christian is even more surprised to learn that Mari personally requested Jonah’s presence in her will.

Fifteen years ago, Jonah made a stupid decision. He was removed from Mari’s home and ended up in juvenile detention. His time in jail helped him to turn his life around. He is used to living his life alone but even after all this time he still remembers Christian.


When he sees how much Christian is grieving, Jonah can’t help but empathize. He thought he had lost the ability to feel connected to another person. He is surprised by the strength of his feelings and he knows he can’t leave Christian alone. Mari’s last wish was that Christian fix up her house and sell it with the profits will go to charity.  Jonah is determined to help whether Christian likes it or not.


A FOSTERED LOVE by Cameron Dane is a stirring and sensuous contemporary romance novel. While reading this story I identified most with Jonah. He is so solitary and so detached from his own life. He thinks he is unable to share himself with anyone. The manner in which Christian proves him wrong is very poignant and intense, especially because they are both so in need of love in their lives. I liked the way the author slowly builds the tension between them. When these two heroes finally get together they are unbelievably hot.

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