A Game of Dress Up
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 9, 2007 - 4:40:00 PM

Vanessa Wallace is young and sexually inexperienced but she doesn’t let that stop her from experimenting with sexy clothing and the assortment of toys that she keeps in her room. Graduate school, work and an assortment of other activities leave no time for dating. The rare hours when she can spend time indulging in her fantasies are precious to her were never meant to be shared - until Rob Taylor stops by unexpectedly.

Rob Taylor is a family friend as well as Vanessa’s employer and benefactor. As the owner of a beauty shop and supply business Rob is often in the company of beautiful women. He’s considered a fashion expect and sometimes does make-up and consulting jobs for fashion clients. But nothing could have prepared him for discovering Vanessa’s secret GAME OF DRESS UP.

Getting caught dressed and behaving like a loose woman by Rob is humiliating for Vanessa. She tries to convince Rob that she’s just having fun playing dress-up. Rob knows better. Women only dress as she has if they’re going to be trolling for men. He has nothing against her manner of dress, but if she’s looking for a man then he’s more than happy to provide exactly what she needs. Is Vanessa ready to play an adult game of this magnitude?

Elliot Mabeuse pens a tale of a young woman who has vivid erotic fantasies which she indulges only when she’s alone. Her inexperience leads her to questioning and feeling ashamed of her own desires. Rob is older and more experienced. He understands her need to hide the true person she is and only let it out when she’s alone by indulging in her game.

A GAME OF DRESS UP is a somewhat shocking tale. I found that I did enjoy the emotional reactions which Vanessa experiences. She’s confused about her desires, scared her mother will find out, and terrified of her own feelings for Rob. Rob is straightforward and likeable. You get the feeling that he would never truly hurt her. I found their relationship fascinating. What really intrigued me was a scene near the end of the story where Rob rescues her from a situation she’s gotten herself into that could have gone very bad. It really gives the reader something to think about and instills a bit of caution regarding offers that seem too good to be true.

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