A Gift of Grace

Author: Inglath Cooper

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: June 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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In an excruciating moment of grief, without once setting eyes on the infant, Caleb Tucker gave up his wife's newborn daughter. His beautiful wife was left in a comatose state while carrying a child conceived in a moment of violence that Caleb blames himself for . . . if he'd only accompanied her that fateful day. Three years later, he still hasn't moved on.

Dr. Sophie Owens is a teacher at the University of Virginia. For three years she's been the very proud mom of a precious little girl who she'd adopted and named Grace. Most people would say that Grace is a very lucky little girl but Sophie knows differently and very grateful to have the little girl to love.

Ever since adopting Grace, Sophie has lived with the fear that the birth parents would change their minds and take Grace away. Like most adoptive parents, Sophie is unaware of the circumstances of Grace's birth. After three years though, the fear has eased and Sophie treasures each and every moment she has with her daughter. For Grace's third birthday, they're having a barnyard party with mini-donkeys and the works. For some of the items, like straw bales, they would need, they pay a visit to Tucker Farm Supply. That's where Sophie and Grace first meet Caleb. While helping Sophie with the bales of straw, he realizes that Grace looks exactly like his wife Laney did as a child. Her birthday is April twenty-second, the same day his wife had given birth, then died, and he'd given away her child - this child. At first it's only a guess but once he questions one of the employees at the farm store and learns that Grace had been adopted, he figures out that this is Laney's daughter. Had Caleb been wrong to give up the baby? What will happen to little Grace if she's torn away from the only mother she's ever known?

Inglath Cooper's A GIFT OF GRACE is more of a work of art than a story. With characters and emotions so true to life, it's awe-inspiring, readers will be hooked to the storyline from the first page and experience every emotional scene tug at your heart. What I absolutely love is that Ms. Cooper includes all the characters in the chaos wrecking havoc on Caleb, Sophie, and little Grace's lives. Caleb's parents have suffered right along with him through Laney's death and the past three years, and it's practically destroyed his parent's marriage. Laney's mother can't get over what happened to her daughter and blames Caleb for Laney's death. Even cherished pets feel the strain of this loss. Tragedies affect entire families as well as close loved ones and this story portrays that beautifully as well as giving the reader hope that somewhere out there is A GIFT OF GRACE for all of us.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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