A Girl Like You
By Sarah W
Dec 14, 2012 - 6:29:26 PM

Emma Frazier has always considered herself a cute and sweet woman. She sees no reason that her boss, Ben, cannot fall in love with her. Unfortunately, when she overhears an acquaintance in her social circle saying that she is the “ugly friend” next to her two best friends, her confidence takes a dip. Emma is not beaten down though. She is a smart and resourceful woman and she wants to impress her boss. When she claims to have an interview with reclusive NASCAR driver, Trip Monroe, her esteem definitely goes up. Too bad getting that interview is proving tough.

As Emma pursues Trip and his story, she meets a cop from her hometown that is very interested in her. Perhaps love is in the air for her after all!

A GIRL LIKE YOU by Maria Geraci had me laughing and commiserating with Emma on just about every page. She felt like such a real character, a woman I could go have wine with and bemoan my own lack of a love life. Emma is not perfect, but she is kind and she is a hard worker as you will see when she does everything (from the silly to the sleuth-y) to gain an interview with Trip. Maria Geraci made this a very memorable reading experience and even though the romantic adventure was not quite what I expected, I was very satisfied with the way it played out. There is just a lot of warmth in this story and in Emma in particular. I could relate to both her career dilemma and her romantic woes. There are some situations that bordered on the slapstick humor but even with those, I was highly entertained.

A GIRL LIKE YOU really lives up to its title. There is a bit of Emma in every one of us. I cannot wait to try another story by Maria Geraci.

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