A Great Kisser

Author: Donna Kauffmann

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: November 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Jake owns McKenna’s Flight School and races his plane locally once a year.  The day of the race is coming fast and his plane, which dates from WWII, needs work.  He has to get the work done if he wants his sponsors to back him in the race.  Constantly interrupting him is his sister Ruby Jean, who works for the mayor of the small town where they live.  Their parents died when Jake was fifteen and Ruby Jean was seven.  Their grandfather, who owned the school and raced planes at the time, raised them.  However, six years later, he died.  Now it is just Jake and his sister.  Though he loves her, she frequently calls him with her problems and expects him to solve them for her.

Lauren lived in D.C. and worked as a senator’s assistant.  Six months ago, her mom married the mayor of the small town Cedar Springs, a resort town in Colorado, and Lauren has been investigating him.  From everything she has seen so far, he is very self-involved.  Lauren is afraid the mayor is using her mom and fears her mom will end up with her heart broken.  She hopes that meeting him will change her mind, but she has her doubts.  Her mom will listen to none of her reservations and it has caused a rift between them.  Fed up and disillusioned with her job, Lauren quits and heads to see her mom.


Ruby Jean calls Jake and asks him to take out the mayor’s stepdaughter.  Though he doesn’t want any part of her plans, he finally agrees to do it, but he also ends up having to meet his soon-to-be date at the airport to fly her home.  However, when he makes it to the airport, the weather is stormy, forcing him to borrow a beat up truck from a friend to drive her home.  Though Lauren looks bedraggled from her trip, Jake is taken with her.  Before he realizes he is going to do it, he asks her out for Sunday and she agrees to go.  As she struggles to comprehend what her mother sees in the mayor, she constantly bumps into Jake, who is the one person she can talk to without fear of gossip.  However, as they begin to fall for each other, someone wants her gone.  Does the threat come from the mayor or does someone else want her gone?


Steamy hot, A GREAT KISSER is a passionate and suspense-filled romantic suspense.  Used to doing things for his sister, Jake is shocked when he realizes just how much he feels for the mayor’s stepdaughter.  He is not exactly a fan of the mayor, but he does what he can to help Lauren.  Though Lauren tries to give her new stepfather the benefit of the doubt, she can’t stop the nagging feeling that something is not quite right with him.  Brimming with suspense, intrigue, witty repartee, an exciting plot, blazing hot love scenes and charismatic characters, this story is a delight.  I recommend A GREAT KISSER to those looking for a terrific read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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