A Greater Love
By Scarlet
Feb 11, 2008 - 2:13:18 PM

Rosalyn Grant is a fiction writer living in Florida.   When she receives a visit from an old college friend, Julie, it is to hear all about the new guy in Julie’s life.   Now, Julie is known for her exaggeration and her promiscuity so Rosalyn is not convinced this guy, David, is everything Julie claims.   It isn’t until Rosalyn is asked to give a statement following the murder of her elderly neighbor that she comes face to face with the truly gorgeous David, a Lieutenant on the Ocean Breeze police force.   Not interested in love and relationships after a less than ideal marriage, Rosalyn has her world rocked when she realizes this is the man Julie has on her radar.  

A GREATER LOVE is a grand love story with characters that are realistic and full of human flaws.   Rose and David are people I would love to call “friend.”   They are admirable in their caring and compassion, with neither wanting to hurt the people they care about but wanting desperately to be together.   With the many obstacles thrown into their paths, this reader was certainly kept on my toes wondering if these two people would find a way to be together.   The profound chemistry radiating through the air whenever they are together is proof aplenty that they are meant to be together.    The mystery of the neighbor’s murder adds a little extra zing to the plot, further providing an obstacle for our lovers to overcome.   The secondary cast ranges from the extremely engaging to the truly reprehensible, adding an extra fullness to the story.   Fiercely tender and intensely romantic, A GREATER LOVE is not about the sex but all about the romance. I gladly recommend Kate Hofman’s book for anyone who loves a good solid love story.  

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