A Handyman's Best Tool

Author: Alexis Fleming

Publisher: Samhain

Release Date: March 28, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Beth-Ann Harris has been dumped again because of her lack of enthusiasm in bed. Maybe if her boyfriends would give her something worth getting worked up over, she'd exhibit a little more passion. When the builder hired to fix the hole in her ceiling volunteers to tutor her in the bedroom she agrees. Beth-Ann's not going to turn down the chance to be with the one guy who'd once told her that she'd never turn him on.

Riley Osborne visits Beth-Ann's home fully expecting to simply repair a hole in her ceiling. He isn't expecting the witty bombshell who greets him at the door. Riley adores women but there's no way he's letting one slip a marriage noose over his head. No commitment is the way he likes his relationships. Until now.

Beth-Ann opened her front door and uttered the words that would have Riley's mind in overdrive for weeks on end. "Are you the man who's going to fill my hole?" Of course, she was talking about the hole in her ceiling, but no red-blooded male is going to pass up an opening like that one, and Riley is no exception. Even though it takes Beth-Ann a moment to realize the sexual connotation of the conversation she delights in the verbal sparring. She doesn't immediately recognize Riley though him calling her "ma'am" does remind her of someone. While Riley's busy working at checking on the damage to her roof, Beth-Ann receives a phone call that he can't help but overhear. Her brush-off of the jerk on the other end of the line is just too impressive not to eavesdrop. After slamming the phone down, Beth-Ann remembers that Riley is in the room and witnessed her half of the conversation. He'd paid particular attention to several of the comments and volunteers to give her lessons on fulfilling her fantasies. Beth-Ann suddenly realizes exactly who Riley is and relishes the chance to live out those fantasies with her teenage heart-throb. A no-strings attached, all out sexual relationship is exactly what they both think they want, but Riley soon wants a commitment. Can he convince Beth-Ann to make their relationship more permanent?

Alexis Fleming pens a fabulously charming tale with A HANDYMAN'S BEST TOOL. The characters are down to earth and could easily be somebody you actually know. Both Riley and Beth-Ann have issues stemming from their own parents' marriages and have learned to avoid anything resembling permanency in their relationships. Watching these two work through their issues and fall in love with each other is heart-touching but what I really love about this story is the dialogue. All the sexual innuendos and comebacks the characters use are laugh out loud funny, not to mention Beth-Ann's side of the telephone conversation. Honestly, her comments on the man's personal hygiene had me laughing until I cried. A HANDYMAN'S BEST TOOL has a wonderfully thought out storyline and is a sure-fire guarantee that you'll never look at a man in a tool belt without wondering about the tool that you can't see.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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