A Hard Man To Love
By Laurie
Jul 10, 2006 - 5:38:00 PM

Widow Montana Blackstone has struggled to keep her ranch afloat, deciding to open an exclusive spa on the property for high-paying guests. Her mother-in-law hires former gambler Steele Hardt to bring the ranch back to life. After she and Steele have a heated disagreement,
Montana immediately fires him, but the attraction between them has already been struck and they’re both helpless against it.  Montana is excited at the way the spa is coming together, but when she learns that she has been deceived about the true reason behind Steele’s appearance, she brokenheartedly orders him to leave.

When Steele and Montana first meet, they immediately become lovers, and their affair continues to heat up from that point. Steele knows that if Montana finds out the truth she will send him away, but he is willing to risk it for the chance to be with her. The unthinkable happens when Steele falls in love with Montana; about the same time he realizes that he loves her, she discovers the secret behind his employment and demands that he leave.


Kathleen Lawless has written a real keeper with A HARD MAN TO LOVE.  Montana and Steele are excellently written as fiercely independent characters that come to heavily rely upon one another. Montana has struggled for her independence and to keep her ranch in the black; it’s only natural that she would buck against Steele’s smooth, seductive nature, as a businessman and as a lover. Love scenes are passionately erotic while remaining romantic and sweet, and the author delves deep into the emotional insecurities that make these characters seem very real.  The secondary characters are equally well-written and are a wonderful complement to the story.  I highly recommend this book for lovers of contemporary, erotic love stories.

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