A Healing Passion
By Scarlet
Aug 21, 2007 - 10:47:57 AM

How do you pick yourself up when your life looks to be falling apart?   Natalie has just caught her cheating fiancé, Jack, with another woman, three weeks before the wedding.   Devastated doesn’t begin to describe the way she feels until a niggling thought of revenge sneaks into her head.   Spying a shirtless hunk walking his dog puts ideas in Natalie’s head, ideas of steamy sessions between the sheets.  

Connor Paxton has a very strong attraction to Natalie and is more than willing to show her she is desirable. A night of unbridled passion makes him want to be with her on a more extended basis, but he has secrets that could destroy their newfound happiness.   Dare he tell her?


A Healing Passion is an intense love story of two wounded individuals who find healing and solace with each other.   Connor is a hero many women would love to call their own; he is gentle and caring, gorgeous and lustful.   He leaves no doubt in Natalie’s mind that she is a desirable woman.   His burgeoning feelings for this amazing woman are a beautiful thing to behold and realistically portrayed by the author, while allowing the reader to fully experience the connection.   Natalie is an intelligent woman who has had her heart stomped on too many times.   She is intelligent, warm and loving but her self esteem is at an all-time low.   Connor makes her feel like a very desirable woman while she, in turn, makes him feel like a beloved partner.   A finely drawn story full of sensual love scenes and emotional highs and lows, A HEALING PASSION is well worth the time spent.   Samantha Lucas is an author I will put on my “watch” list.  


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