A Hero’s Promise

Author: Anne Carter

Publisher: Wings ePress, Inc.

Release Date: April 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Dane Pierce has always been in love with Jessica. She was perfect for him. But he lost his chance with her and to his best friend, famed actor Mac MacKendall, no less. The fact that Dane never stopped loving Jessica was not lost on Mac, and the two men made a promise to each other. A promise that now haunts Dane.

When actress Jessica MacKendall lost her husband in a tragic plane crash she was devastated. Mac was her whole world, and without him she was empty inside. But she has to go on, if only for her small son’s sake. It is Dane who helps her through the darkest periods, and it is Dane who Jessica marries even when he becomes the subject of a murder investigation. A murder investigation into the crash of Mac MacKendall’s plane.
A HERO’S PROMISE is a wonderful novel about blended families, the private lives of famed movie stars, and couples who overcome obstacles blocking their loves. Anne Carter has a wonderful way with dialog that brings her characters to life. She has created a hero and heroine that are believable and likeable even with their flaws. A HERO’S PROMISE offers lots of twists and action that keep the reader wondering what will happen next. This follow-up novel to Carter’s STARCROSSED HEARTS is truly delightful, and will keep you turning page after page until the end and then leave you wishing it would go on.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brooke Wills

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