A Hired Affair
By Julia
Mar 1, 2005 - 6:47:00 AM

is disgusted by what she sees night after night in her bar.  There is a man that is picking up women left and right using a different name every time.  She thinks he is a prostitute, yet she can't seem to get him off her mind.  When he approaches her and saves her from her brother's machinations one day, she decides to give his talents a whirl.

Jack is a private detective that has been attracted to Nicole for a long time; he's just been trying to work up the nerve to approach her.  Her brother soon gives him the perfect opportunity to act like a hero.  After a wild afternoon of sex, will he forgive her for thinking the worst about him?


A HIRED AFFAIR was a fun book to read.  Nicole is someone that has been alone for a while and is ready for a change.  She's very attracted to Jack and decides to use him to get him out of her system.  She thinks she is paying for his use and acts wilder and tries things she's always wanted to do, but was too embarrassed. Jack thinks that she's just kidding about paying him and when the afternoon is over, they both find out how wrong they were.  The misunderstanding between them was entertaining, to say the least.  Nicole was freed from her usual inhibitions and Jack thought he hit the lottery.  I had a good time reading this book and I will be looking for more from Lydia Brookes in the future.   

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