A Hollywood Ending
By Michele Rioli
Jun 18, 2008 - 3:41:32 PM

Adorable Oscar-winning actress Paige Carson lands a part as the lead female actress opposite the famous Jackson Rolfe in a Cleopatra remake called Code Red.  She is ecstatic at first, but quickly her image of him changes as he ruins every scene they have together.  When she meets with her agent about the difficult situation with her costar, she discovers that prime acting roles - meant for her - are going to aspiring young actresses.  She is upset that her career just might tank.  Her agent mentions to her that a London theater is offering her a role in a Shakespearean play.  Fed up with the Hollywood scene, Paige decides to leave Hollywood, its spoiled trappings and her parents behind for a part in live theater.  Both parents have been negligent in spending time with her, especially her dad, a rock star, since he left her mom when Paige was young.

It is off to London for Paige as she bravely struggles to fit in with the unfamiliar theater scene.  As she grapples with learning Shakespeare, her acting coach advises her to get a boyfriend and fall in love - in order to capture the essence of adoration for her role.  Sure, right!  She, unexpectedly, harbors an attraction of sorts to her landlord Ed Hawkstead, a snobbish, handsome documentary filmmaker with lofty aspirations.  Could Ed be her man?


Ed is not happy with his new Hollywood star tenant, believing she is trouble personified.  His first glimpse of Paige has him thinking that she is so attractive; she practically sparkles!  This seals his opinion of her as a Hollywood diva.  As Ed and Paige’s paths cross, their original thoughts about one another surprisingly change. Does Paige realize that the right man for her could be right under her nose?


Robyn Sisman delivers a glorious tale of romance between two unlikely characters in A HOLLYWOOD ENDING.  The story is charming, without feeling deliberate on the subject of love.  I love how Ms. Sisman creates the story with a wonderful touch of realism by adding compelling settings and charismatic language.  The story revolves around Hollywood life and the theater.  Paige Carson, the star of the story, is disheartened with Hollywood and her parents. When the disillusioned actress leaves all that behind and moves to London, she rents a flat from a haughty, sexy documentary filmmaker - Ed Hawkstead.  She is surprised at how snobbish he is!  Ed’s original impression of Paige is loathsome, but that all changes as they get to know each other.  Adventures ensue and soon their feelings for each other change.  Does Paige get her own Hollywood ending? Rush out and buy a copy of Robyn Sisman’s skillfully, crafted, zinger novel A HOLLYWOOD ENDING to find out!

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