A Home By The Sea
By Michele Rioli
Oct 1, 2011 - 3:02:05 PM

Life isn’t always fair, and Grace just found that out. Grace Lindstrom, a cute woman with an alluring sparkle, is slowly picking up the pieces of her life.  She has a job she loves, where she researches food that takes her to exotic locales. She hasn’t seen her fiancé, friends or grandfather in a long while with her hectic life, and she misses them dearly. Life deals her a double whammy when her fiancé, a UN negotiator, is killed in a plane crash. Then later, she finds out from a couple different sources that he was a cheating scoundrel. Her heart is shattered into a million pieces. He is a rat, but she still mourns his death. Will she be able to trust a man again or even open her hurting heart to love?

Fate blows in a humdinger of a man, top-secret bomb disposal expert Noah McKay, who is a striking, mysterious man with a sincere heart and immense patience. It is a stroke of good luck one cold blustery night when Noah makes the acquaintance of Grace. He has yearned for a woman just like her to complete his life. Only one thing stops him from getting too close to a woman and that is his profession. He never completely divulges to anyone the details of his job, afraid of their reactions to it and since it is top security, he is not allowed to talk about it at all. Will this girl be the one to accept him for who he is and what he does?


Noah’s family worries about him all of the time. His brother who was in the same profession wasn’t so lucky. The whole family was devastated when he died, especially Noah’s mom. She is still trying to cope with the loss of her son, and it hasn’t been easy. Family means everything to Noah, and he loves his parents.  


The winds of life blow in unexpected directions and unfortunately separate Noah and Grace. Grace’s grandfather has a serious accident that takes her back home to Oregon, the sleepy little town by the sea where she grew up. Grace looks forward to meeting her good friends from back home in addition to taking care of her grandpa. Unbeknownst to Grace, her friends from back home have many surprises in store for her, which include good company, good food and a hearty good laugh. In addition, Noah is working with his bomb disposal team on a dangerous assignment that is keeping him very busy for an extended period of time. Was the time that Noah and Grace spent together enough to make them realize how much they complete one another?


A HOME BY THE SEA is an achingly beautiful novel of deep emotions, secrets, close friendships and love. Destiny brings Noah and Grace together on a windy, winter night and then when fate unexpectedly tears them apart, their attraction and love for one another is tested. Christina Skye expertly delivers a true testament to friendship in the raw - the giving, laughing, listening, helping, caring and crying that real friends do together. If you are careful, you can hear your own laughter with your best friends echoing through the pages. I loved how the author takes the reader on a sweeping journey through betrayal, lost loves, deep family emotions, honest-to-goodness friendships and learning how to forgive and forget. Ms. Skye teaches that there are more blessings wrought from change than anyone realizes. One thing I love about Ms. Skye’s books is her beautiful endings, and this book did not disappoint. This novel delves deeply into friendship and family. I only touched the surface of all that happens in this epic love story so I recommend that you buy it! A HOME BY THE SEA delivers an emotional punch to the heart with its sharp plot and vivid romance. This book is hard to put-downable!

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