A Kink In Her Tails
By Sandra Tibbetts
Jul 20, 2003 - 11:48:00 PM

Four different stories about four diverse couples, who live in the same building: all with one thing in common. These people will explore their sensuality to create new bonds of trust, love and respect. Giving over control of their bodies to the one they love, learning that in return they would gain even more in return.

Apartment 4B

Eve Bentley was awakened one Saturday morning by her neighbor from across the hall with a package that had been left at his door. Simon Austin is instantly attracted to her and soon finds he is falling in love with her. Eve was not looking for permanence, that implied long-term things like devotion, commitment, trust and love. These things scared her silly; all she wanted was one wild night of sexual adventure. Does Simon convince Eve to give them a chance or will she turn and run? Can she give any man that much control?


Apartment 6C

Laura Stratton-Burns, head of her father's law firm, is married to Adam, a fourth grade teacher. Their marriage was floundering in routine and love was being taken for granted. She knows that both of them are dissatisfied with how their marriage had fallen into such a rut. Then one day she learns that Adam has a secret that he has kept from her all their marriage. Will his secret disgust her and end their marriage? Or will she be willing to try anything to save their marriage?


Apartment 7A

Adele Martin is a professional photographer, and a beautiful, divorced forty-one year-old woman, who has decided she can't have the man she loves because he is eight years younger than her. Brian McMillian has been a model for Adele for six years; he now wants to have a relationship with Adele because he's been attracted to her since their first kiss at a party years ago. Adele is caught up with her age and does not see how it could possibly work. Since that kiss years ago, every other man has been measured by it and came up wanting. Is Adele willing to risk her heart being broken or can Simon convince her age is in the mind and heart?


The Penthouse

Jason Burk owns the building and is also a well-known author who writes BDSM novels. He is alone with only his memories of the one woman he loved and betrayed. Jason has lived with his regret and remorse for all those years. He writes his final novel in the way he wishes his life could have been. Does Jason finally find peace and resolution?


These four stories are interwoven throughout the book. They were all emotion packed, exceptionally well-written stories. Sahara Kelly took the subject of BDSM and wrote tasteful and tender love scenes. The stories all had the common theme of love, romance, tenderness and faith. Ms. Kelly brought life and depth to her characters with the prevalent premise of the stories being that of romance; and brought the scenario of BDSM into the stories flowing smoothly, as another facet of the love in each story. If you have never read this type of erotica and would like to: A KINK IN HER TAILS, is a book I would recommend for you to read, that has beautiful

love stories with a twist.  



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