A Kiss in the Dark 2: Locations
By Jaynie Ritchie
Jan 15, 2005 - 9:20:00 AM

A KISS IN THE DARK 2:  LOCATIONS follows the short, but lovely, A KISS IN THE DARK, where a woman has sex with a gorgeous stranger in order to lower her purity test score.  He tracks her down sending a list of sexual locations along with his name.

LOCATIONS picks up about a month later.  Jennifer Skyler is thinking about that night, and fantasizing about Tom, and where she’d like to make love to him.  She’s mortified to find out that even her virgin son has a lower score than her.  It’s time to do something about it.


Tom McCabe is also thinking about Jen, especially when a storm hits much like the last time they met.  He was sure that once Jen knew who he was that she might look him up for more.  Is it possible for two lonely people to hook up for some great sex, and more importantly can Tom help Jen lower her purity test score?


Shelby Morgen has created a hilarious, yet poignant look at sex for the more innocent.  The scene with the purple BOB is hilarious, and I was in tears laughing.  Ms. Morgen brings comic relief to an act that many women enjoy but don’t necessarily talk about.  Both Jen and Tom are lovely characters and I’d like to see more of their adventures in lowering Jen’s score.  I recommend this story to everyone, and will be looking out for A KISS IN THE DARK 3.

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