A Lady of Persuasion
By Wendy
Jan 1, 2010 - 9:48:23 PM

Isabel Grayson is determined to find and wed a man of fine political standings in order to become a lady of influence among London society.  She isn’t looking for love, just the means to cater to her goals of charity work.  Toby isn’t what she would consider suitable husband material, but he does set her heart aflutter.  She vows to reform him into what she deems suitable.

Sir Tobias Aldridge seeks revenge on the man who stole his intended, the lovely Sophia.  What better way to get back at his enemy than to steal his sister?  Toby finds it no hardship since Isabel is a very fetching woman.
Their marriage is almost doomed from the beginning.  Isabel wanted to marry a man of power and influence, but Toby has a paltry title and an infamous reputation.  He promises things to Isabel so he may be worthy of her, promises he can’t keep.  He loves being married to Isabel, so he hopes with all his heart she will love him for himself, and not let the broken promises affect their relationship.  Isabel craves society’s respect, but she very well may lose her heart instead.
The third in a trilogy, I read A LADY OF PERSUASION as a stand alone book.  Tessa Dare does an excellent job of catching up the reader with past characters and plot lines so that you’re not lost when you delve into this passionate romance.  Tobias and Isabella are unique characters that we see layer upon layer revealed as the story unfolds.  Tess Dare has penned a truly remarkable romance! 

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