Boys of Beachville, Book 2 - A Lick of Flame
By Suzie Housley
Jul 11, 2012 - 1:23:15 PM

Sean Adams had won the Mr. Fireman championship a few years back.  Overnight, the title had turned him into every woman’s fantasy.  There wasn’t a single woman in the town of Beachville, Maine, who wouldn’t want to him in their bed.   

Security Specialist Madison Kelly had been hired to oversee Sean’s latest calendar shoot.  She shared her own secret fantasy about Sean for he was the one that had rescued her from a burning building and had saved her life.  The fire had left her with scars; she knows that someone as handsome as Sean would be way out of her league. 

Ever since Sean rescued Madison, he can’t seem to get her out of his mind.  Now he finds that she has been hired to protect him.  When he catches desire in Madison’s eyes, he has every intention of insuring that he shows Madison that he returns her affection.  Will he be able to convince her that he sees her as a beautiful, attractive woman, one that his heart desires? 

BOYS OF BEACHVILLE, BOOK 2- A LICK OF FLAME is a wonderful in-depth romance novel.  Cathryn Fox has done an outstanding job in creating the characters of Sean and Madison.  How Sean is able to break through Madison’s insecurity is romance at its best.  I was highly impressed with Cathryn Fox’s writing talent; this was the first book I have read of this talented author, but I assure you that it will definitely not be my last. 

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(April 10, 2012)


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