A Light at Winter’s End

Author: Julia London

Publisher: Pocket Books

Release Date: March 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Holly Fisher is a songwriter on the verge of great success. She has a contract to write three songs for an up-and-coming country music star and she knows this could be her big break. But when her older sister, Hannah, dumps her young son, Mason, on Holly, chaos ensues. Hannah has always been the responsible sister, the one her mother relied on before her recent death. Holly does not understand what is happening to Hannah but she cannot let Mason go into foster care. So, despite the songs she needs to write, Holly takes him in. They go to her mother’s house, which had been left to Holly in the will, and from there, Holly tries to figure out what to do. She knows that her sister has entered rehab, but what does that mean for Mason?

Wyatt Clark changed forever when his wife, Macy, chose her first husband over him. His marriage ended and Wyatt’s life fell apart. The only thing he loves is his young daughter Grace. He has no plans on ever falling in love again but something about Holly calls to him. He did not intend on getting involved but it is hard to resist Holly. Holly and Wyatt are both lonely souls looking for happiness. Will they finally find it, despite all the trouble brewing in their lives?

A LIGHT AT WINTER’S END deals with some very tough topics. Child abandonment, drug and drinking addictions, broken hearts, and aspiring dreams. Julia London adroitly tackles a lot in this book with her skillful writing. Wyatt and Holly’s romance is a strong element of this story and I really enjoyed seeing Wyatt finally get his happy ending. He was one of the main characters in Julia London’s previous book, SUMMER OF TWO WISHES. Readers do not need to read that book to understand A LIGHT AT WINTER’S END, but I think understanding Wyatt’s back story will add more emotional depth to this story. The heart of the story for me however, lies with Holly’s struggle to come to terms with her sister’s imperfections and her dumping Mason, even in the short term. Holly truly comes to adore her nephew and wants to fight for him. But is that what is best for Mason? Holly has to consider the implications of truly taking him from his mother, her sister, forever. Julia London pens an emotionally complex story that shows the many different sides of love. Love for a sister, love for a new man, and love for a child. A LIGHT AT WINTER’S END will challenge the depths the heart can feel and hopefully, make you feel stronger at the end.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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