A Little Bit of Tina
By Tracy Marsac
Mar 1, 2005 - 4:07:00 PM

Tina Farren is tired of the bum camping out next to her shop, Movie Stars.  The scruffy homeless man is scaring away potential customers and since the police won't do anything about it, Tina takes matters into her own hands.  She bullies him into her store and puts him to work.  However, she notices there is something about Gage Prescott's demeanor that doesn't jive with the homeless persona he's got going on.  And why is he so interested in the antique shop across the street from her place?  She's shocked when she discovers who Gage really is and feels used, but still holds hope for a happy future between them.

Gage is in the middle of his first undercover assignment when he's accosted by Tina and forced into labor.  He's under a lot of pressure not to screw up this case and rather than cause a scene, he goes along with the aggressive shop owner.  This works to his advantage when he learns the view of the antique store is better from Tina's business.  There is more a distraction, though.  Falling for Tina wasn't part of the assignment and she'll no doubt be furious when she find out his ruse.  Gage can only cross his fingers that after he's caught the bad guy, he can show her not all of his undercover work was pretend. 

Starr is an expert at building and maintaining sexual tension and proves it in A LITTLE BIT OF TINA.  Tina is an aggressive heroine and not afraid to demand answers from Gage but still vulnerable when it comes to love.  Gage has had a past of being shy and tongue-tied around women.  Now he's met the one worth overcoming his insecurities because if he doesn't, he could lose her forever.  Another great story to add to Starr's list of passionate novels!

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