A Little Harmless Pleasure

Author: Melissa Schroeder

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: November 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5 Ribbons

Format: EBOOK

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Cynthia was engaged to Max but it didn’t work out.  For some reason, everyone her father thinks is the proper person for her turns out not to be “the one.”  Max is getting married to Anna and Cynthia plans to attend the wedding.  Her father informs her that if she does, she’s no longer welcomed in his home.  Cynthia bites the bullet and goes to the wedding.

Chris is talking to Max before the wedding when a lovely vision bursts into the room with a message for Max from Anna.  The attraction between Chris and Cynthia is immediate and sharp.  Max warns him off, saying that she’d never fit in with his D/s lifestyle.


At the reception, Cynthia consumes way too much champagne.  Anna, who notices the attraction between the two, convinces her to take Chris back to his hotel.  By the time they reach his room, she’s pretty wasted.  He orders coffee but she’s loosened up enough to take advantage of the situation and go for what she wants…Chris.


Their coming together is explosive.  They both want more but his life is in Hawaii and hers is in Georgia.  They’ll talk on the phone periodically and, eventually, she’ll get the feeling that what she thought they felt was just a one-time thing.


Fate has a way of changing peoples’ lives and it’s about to change theirs.  Cynthia will learn of an inheritance she didn’t know about and also about the underhanded way her father is trying to take it all away.  How she handles the pain of her father’s cruel machinations and her second meeting with Chris is something you have to read.


Melissa Schroeder has written a gripping story of betrayal and found love, even if it is wrong in the eyes of others.  She and Chris are headed down a long and rocky road.  What started out as A LITTLE HARMLESS PLEASURE will advance to a higher level.  To sit back and watch the players play out their roles leaves you breathless.  The shy woman with no confidence will make you believe in things you thought were lost as you watch her unfold into a graceful woman, ready to kick butt where needed and willing to take a chance on love.  Is love ready to take a chance on her?


I thoroughly enjoyed this story and highly recommend it.  It’s graphic at times and not for anyone under eighteen.  But if you want a feel-good, believe-in-love-again story, you have to read it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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