A Little Harmless Pleasure
By Jenn L
Mar 17, 2008 - 5:55:48 AM

Defying her father's wishes Cynthia Myers intends to start living her life as she sees fit. Losing her fiancé Max may have been the worse thing to happen to her family's social standing but to her it was freeing. Attending the wedding is clearly a no-no but Cynthia doesn't care. It's the first step to her independence and it’s the beginning of the most promising sexual encounter of her life.

Chris Dupree is in town from Hawaii to attend his best friends wedding. Admittedly, the whole thing seems a little crazy. First off, Max's jilted Fiancé is at the wedding and she's happy for them. But what's even more shocking is how incredibly appealing Cynthia is to Chris. He's certain she's never met a man like him. For one thing he's a switch, he likes to dominate as well as submit in the bedroom, but in Cynthia, he sees the spark. Even after a failed relationship with his last Sub he sees the potential in Cynthia and he can't deny it; he wants her for his own.


What starts out as a blistering night of harmless passion slowly builds. Chris helps Cynthia find her strength by submitting to her in the bedroom. As her confidence grows so does his love for her and his desire to master her. Can she give in and release her control or will Chris' need for her submission put an end to their pleasure and their chances at lasting love?


A LITTLE HARMLESS PLEASURE is all that and so much more. What starts out as an erotically charged exploration of one woman's sexuality, slowly changes to a journey as Cynthia finds that she can control her destiny. Melt you panties sex is coupled effortlessly with a love story that is tender and incredibly endearing.


Cynthia grows by leaps and bounds in this fast paced novel and while Chris comes across as in control and comfortable with who he is, both professionally and personally, he still manages to grow as well. Together they learn what true love is really about. Watching as these two strong personalities fall headlong into love is a joy and seeing Cynthia become a woman she can be proud of is well worth the wait.


Built on strong emotions and equally strong characters A LITTLE HARMLESS PLEASURE delivers an engrossing tale and a subtle romance that surprised this reader, firmly placing Ms. Schroeder and her work on my permanent auto-buy list.

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