A Little Harmless Sex

Author: Melissa Schroeder

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: October 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Maxwell Chandler has been dumped by his fiance, Cynthia. As usual, Anna is the only person he can talk to. She has been his best friend from the time both of them were toddlers. Only he cannot believe the she has grown up into this utterly gorgeous woman and he fancies her like crazy. He has kept his attraction to her under severe control until now. When he realizes that, for the first time, both of them are out of relationships, the control snaps. The passion that was deep inside erupts and explodes. They end up having sex, not once, but several times. But Max doesn't want to be Anna's four-week boyfriend. He wants her for life. Can he convince her?

Anna Dewinter has just dumped her latest boyfriend. Who else but Max will listen to her views and frustrations about her artistic ex-boyfriend? Max seems to think that she is never serious about anyone. What he does not know is that she measures every man against Max and the other men always come up short. She knows she wants him, but does he? The question is answered when what starts as an innocent pally get-together turns hot and erotic. Her love for him grows with time, like a dream. Reality intrudes when she finds out from Max's supposed ex-fiancée, Cynthia, that they are still involved. Has Max really betrayed Anna? How can Anna fight for her love when she believes that Max has cheated her?

Little? No! Harmless? No! Sex? Yes! Explosive? Yes! Sure to drive you insane? Definitely yes! A LITTLE HARMLESS SEX is one boiling, bubbling romance that can certainly heat you up from head to toe. Melissa Schroeder handles an oft-repeated subject with an undeniable panache. The main characters Anna and Max are too hot to handle. Both are strong and willful people with a pleasing susceptibility when it comes to each other. The sex is totally wild with an emotional streak, which is just perfect. Melissa explores the feelings in superb detail, which makes you wish you had a good friend with whom you could try a relationship! If you want a buy, read and keep book then this fits the bill completely! Enjoy!

This book has since been rereleased through Samhain Publishing

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dee Herga

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