A Little Town In Texas
By Jennifer Wardrip
Jun 12, 2003 - 10:19:00 AM

Kitt Mitchell has been offered the story of a lifetime.  A reporter for a newspaper in New York, she's been waiting for her big break for a long time.  Suddenly, her editor drops it into her lap, and she's thrilled.  Until she learns that the story she's to cover is one in Crystal Creek, Texas.  She's from Crystal Creek, but she'd prefer to forget that; would prefer, in fact, that everyone in the world would forget it.  Her editor has other ideas, most importantly that a "down-home" attitude and a natural feel for the land and the people who live there will give her insights into the story that no one else would have.  Reluctantly, Kitt realizes he's right, and heads back home with her head held high and her reporters tenacity and insight on full alert.

Mel Belyle has come to Crystal Creek to subtly force it's inhabitants to realize that the company buying up land for big-city projects is not a bad thing.  It's a hard sell, though, especially when his brother had already tried that route and had done nothing but screw up.  If you add up the facts that 1) he's an outsider, 2) he works for a company that the whole town hates with a vengeance, and 3) he's the brother of a man whom they ran out of town, you come up with the fact that Mel Belyle isn't just an enemy, but enemy numero uno.

Kitt plans to use everything in her reporters arsenal to get Mel to talk for her story.  Mel plans to use everything in his hard-hitting, corporate dossier to keep quiet.  When sparks fly, and passion ignites, can these two keep their business separate from their pleasure?

Ms. Campbell is an excellent writer, able to convey the feelings of two people who care about each other, but who also love their jobs.  "A Little Town in Texas" is a great book, one that touches your heart and sometimes has you yelling at it's egotistical heroes.  I can't wait to read what else Ms. Campbell comes up with, especially if it continues in the "Crystal Creek" series.

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