Long Time Gone
By Ann
Dec 9, 2013 - 8:39:13 PM

Prophet has always worked by himself.  In his line of work, he can’t afford to have friends or lovers so imagine his surprise when Tom manages to fill both of his needs.  When Tom leaves, Prophet moves on but not without checking up on Tom’s aunt, Della.  When he finds out that she is in New Orleans and intends to ride out an upcoming hurricaine, he stays with her because only a fool would leave her behind and he is no one’s fool.  When he sees a looter sniffing around her home he quickly investigates and is startled to find himself face to face with Tom and all his emotions are quickly met head on.  As they grapple with their feelings, old wounds are reopened and mysterious things start happening.  Soon Tom is entangled with the town and their prejudices and finds himself accused of murder.  As Prophet and Tom try to clear his name, they have to look into his past and figure out who is friend and foe.  If they thought being together was difficult then staying alive just got even harder.

LONG TIME GONE is the long awaited sequel to CATCH A GHOST.  Prophet is still rescuing people but Tom has changed him.  I think he doesn’t want to be alone but is scared to let someone in.   Tom wants Prophet but has a tangled and ugly past.  It doesn’t help that all of it is dredged up when he comes home and faces it head on when he is accused of murder.  It is only with Prophet’s help that he is able to move beyond the past to look to the future.  The secondary characters are important because they really bring insight to Tom’s past but also a little more into how Prophet ticks.  I am also curious about the next offshoot series of the HELL AND HIGH WATERS books just to see how Cillian and Mal’s story will play out.  Nevertheless, I do love that Prophet and Tom have never been an easy couple to read and that they keep each other on their toes.  If they were simple, it would be boring.  I wonder what is next for this dynamic duo…

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