A Lost Wife's Tale
By Audrey Johnson
Sep 1, 2010 - 8:27:08 AM

Edith, or Agnes McBride as she is named, has become a professional chameleon to survive her past. Leaving her former life behind once again, she finds herself on Adam Davenport’s doorstep, begging for a chance to work as a maid. In the blink of an eye she has ingrained herself into Adam’s life, and has also learned to avoid the overwhelming fear that plagues her daily life by jumping into Adam’s bed. Adam’s embrace, though, is far from an escape, but rather it is her chance to finally live the life she’s always wanted.

Suddenly, when she least expects it, that which Agnes has fought so hard to avoid tracks her down. Once again, she is on the run; but this time it seems she cannot travel far enough, fast enough. What must she do to return to Adam, without revealing the truth of who she is?


A LOST WIFE’S TALE is a mystery, romance and thriller wrapped into one beautifully bound novel. McGilvary unravels Edith’s story at a delicious pace that makes the novel more engaging, although that seems impossible given the deliciousness with which the book opens. Adam and Edith’s romance is lovable, entrancing and the stuff of dreams. However, it is truly the depth and shock of Edith’s past that makes A LOST WIFE’S TALE the brilliant novel that it is. What begins as a purely romantic tale of a woman attempting to find herself quickly turns into a horrific story of survival and fear. The perfect story for the romantic reader with an interest in the dark side, don’t hesitate to pull A LOST WIFE’S TALE off of the nearest shelf.

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