A Love to Call Her Own
By Dottie
Sep 18, 2014 - 12:46:16 PM

Two weeks before Jessy Lawrence’s husband was due to come home from Afghanistan, he was killed. That was over two years ago. A month ago she lost the job she hated. Her husband’s life insurance would make it possible for Jessy to stay home if she wants, but she needs a reason to get up in the morning and get on with her life, instead of sleeping or drinking it away. She has not told anyone about the loss of her job, not even the most important people in her life, a group of war widows known as the Tuesday Night Margarita Club. But then these women have good things happening in their lives now and she believes that if they knew about her failings, about the bottles hidden in her cabinet, they would lose all respect for her.

Dalton Smith’s wife had been a medic on her second combat tour when she was killed. That was four years ago and no one ever speaks of it to keep from upsetting him. Knowing that she chose to die and keeping that knowledge to himself has nearly killed him. He purchased his parents’ ranch, which he has always dreamed of owning, and is making a success of it. But the only one there with him is a stray dog he has taken in. His mind occasionally wanders to Jessy, a woman he met in the cemetery not long ago. He has not been able to forget her. After a few drinks, they spent the night together, but he wasn’t ready for a relationship at that time. He has avoided her since that morning after sneaking out while she was sleeping.

Dalton was not the first guy to provide a passionate escape for Jessy. But filling the emptiness was all that mattered to her. Unlike the others, she has seen him often since that night, but they have not spoken. Still, she cannot help feeling something for him.

When they unexpectedly run into each other, Dalton begins to see the real Jessy and slowly realizes that Jessy could be the woman to mend his heart. But will she give them the chance at a future together?

An emotion-packed story, A LOVE TO CALL HER OWN, the third book in author Marilyn Pappano’s TALLGRASS series, is a sexy, uplifting contemporary romance that will take your breath away. Jessy’s marriage had not been all that good and she was considering a divorce when she received the news that her husband had been killed in action. She is struggling with her guilt over the situation. Meanwhile, Dalton is dealing with the fact that his wife chose suicide in Afghanistan rather than return home to him. Together, they begin to heal as they find a new love and a brighter future.

The TALLGRASS series of books centers on the group of military widows known as the Tuesday Night Margarita Club. These women share a compelling camaraderie, always there for each other, celebrating the good times and providing support and encouragement for the bad.  With them, Jessy is shown more love and acceptance than she has ever known. The characters are so realistically drawn and their anguish so true-to-life that readers may not be able to help shedding a tear or two.

This beautifully written, poignant tale, which delves into love, loss, forgiveness, healing and second chances, also touches on the lives of the other women in the club, who all have a story to tell. As the story progresses, another widow in the club, Lucy, also finds love while reaching out to help someone else. For a story that is sure to touch your heart, be sure to pick up a copy of A LOVE TO CALL HER OWN. A fantastic story by an awesome author!

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