A Lover's Call
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 5, 2007 - 2:58:00 PM

By day Rachel is a buttoned up, no-nonsense librarian immersing herself in her modest life and avoiding situations that may bring her insecurities to the forefront. At night, she becomes Velvet, a confident ‘phone sex goddess’ who lures men to orgasm with her voice. She keeps her real life and phone sex life completely separate until she receives a call that changes her life in ways she never anticipated.

Richard only called the Sex Goddesses hotline as a lark. He didn’t anticipate the intense desire he’d have to just listen to the woman on the other end of the line talk and not that manufactured sex talk designed to get the caller off either. The more he talks to her the more entranced he becomes and he’s not afraid to use his dominant nature to draw out her true nature.

At first Rachel/Velvet is hesitant about allowing Richard to get to know the real her. She’s kept her personal feelings, needs, and fears hidden for so long that trusting him with them is a huge step for her. Gradually Richard gains her trust and Rachel accepts his dominant nature. She even goes so far as to give him her personal telephone number so that he won’t have to call through the sex line. This brings their relationship to a new level of awareness and Richard makes sure that Rachel understands that if they take this step then he fully expects her to allow him to introduce her to the beauty of erotic submission. Will this relationship blossom into the kind of longstanding loving relationship they both desire?

Claire Thompson’s A LOVER’S CALL will take readers into the world of a phone sex operator. I never thought that it was really an enjoyable occupation for the women who do answer the phones for those 1-900 numbers but I did think that they had a lot of confidence and must be very comfortable with their own sexual cravings. This tale gives me a different outlook on that whole way of thinking. I loved Richard’s self confidence and dominant personality and how he took his time winning Rachel over. I found it very easy to relate to Rachel. She’s self confident when it comes to her work but personally and sexually she’s unsure and requires some guidance - which Richard is more than happy to provide.

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