A Man She Couldn’t Forget
By Sarah W
Feb 3, 2009 - 9:29:46 PM

Clarissa “Clare” Boneli was in a bad accident late at night. She cannot remember why she was on the road or really anything that occurred before the accident. In fact, Clare cannot remember anything. She has amnesia and the world is a strange place. There are two men in her life who want to help: Jonathan Harris, her boyfriend, and Brady Langston, Clare’s neighbor and best friend. Both swear to have Clare’s best interests at heart, but can she really trust either of them? Clare feels an instant connection with Brady. He is funny, playful, and careful to make sure she heals. Jonathan loves Clare and is frustrated that she cannot seem to remember their past together.

As Clare slowly heals she learns some startling truths about herself. Clare was not always nice or kind. In fact, to her neighbors and supposed friends, she was turning into someone they did not want to spend time with. As Clare tries to determine who she really is, and how she hurt those she loves most in the world, Jonathan and Brady are at her side. Who will win her heart? Who is Clare?


This is an interesting book because there are two men who seem to both cherish Clare. Jonathan loves her, but so does Brady. These men are total opposites and bring out different sides to Clare. But the heart of the story lies with Clare’s struggle to get her memory back and reconnect with those around her. The romance is a part of that puzzle. Clare has many interesting complexities about her and readers will be puzzling out just who Clare is right along with her. Kathryn Shay gives amnesia a human face, not often seen in romances. Clare has to find pieces of herself along with using her amnesia to build a new part of her world. Brady and Jonathan are both there for her in different ways and while both men are supportive and loving with Clare, I think readers will ultimately agree with Clare’s decision at the end. Kathryn Shay has written a satisfying and thoughtful romance that has many interesting character facets. Clare is not an easy woman to understand but that makes her story that much more interesting to read. Kathryn Shay will tie your heart in knots with this story.

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