A Man Worth Keeping
By Leigh
Apr 5, 2008 - 6:59:14 AM

Two years ago Max Mitchell’s life as a cop ended in a hail of bullets.  Since then he’s been working as a carpenter and handyman at his brother Gabe’s Inn.  A master at avoidance, Max refuses to talk to anyone about the events that led up to his being shot.  As a matter of fact, Max refuses to talk about any subject that makes him uncomfortable, the least of which is the mother who deserted their family thirty years ago.  But then along come Delia and her daughter Josie.

Out of money, out of hiding places, out of time; Delia Dupuis takes a chance accepting a job at the Riverview Inn’s new Spa.  Her instincts say that the peaceful, picturesque Catskills retreat will give her time, money, and a place to hide – just like they tell her that Max is the kind of man she can trust with her secrets, trust with her life.  Yet those same instincts led Delia to trust her ex-husband and his fellow police officers, and now she’s running for her life with her confused and resentful daughter in tow. 


Despite their obvious trust issues, Max, Delia, and Josie manage to form a fragile bond, one that brings hope for the future.  But soon Max and Delia are forced to confront all that they’ve kept buried and must break the chains of the past and decide whether they can move forward together.


Once again I’m in awe of Molly O’Keefe’s incredibly talented writing.  With each book she commands the reader’s attention from the first page, making you want to tune out everything around you as you discover the hows and whys of her characters.  Delia and Max are a perfect example – I couldn’t turn pages quickly enough to discover what they were hiding and where they’d end up.  A MAN WORTH KEEPING is the second book in O’Keefe’s ‘The Mitchells of Riverview Inn’ series.  This installment brings the Mitchell family’s past into the open and paves the way for the next book due out in August 2008.

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