A Man for Marley
By Bea Sigman
Mar 11, 2007 - 9:32:00 PM

Hunter O'Malley can't wait to get out of
New York.  Not only is the traffic scarier than being on the track, but he needs to get his career off the ground and the memories of his family that haunt him put to rest.  As soon as the reading of his father's will is over, Hunter plans on getting out of town and back to the race track.  That is until the conditions of his father's will states he has to stick around for the next six months if he wants anything.

O'Malley's Bar has been Marley Sullivan's life since her mother kicked her out at eighteen.  When her looks lost Marley her last job, Seamus took her in and started teaching her the ropes and giving her the family she needed.  Now that he is gone she might lose it all because of his son. 


Marley doesn't want to like Hunter, the race car driver known as 'The Golden Boy', mainly because he deserted his father all those years ago.  But thanks to Seamus's will, Marley and Hunter will have to spend the next six months tripping over one another if either of them wants to get their share of the will.  Marley is sure that Hunter won't stick out the six months of working at the bar and she will lose it all.


Hunter isn't a stupid man.  The money from his father's will could give him the financial freedom he needs to get his car and racing career to the top.  As much as he hates it, he's going to stick out the six months and hopefully get to know Marley a whole lot better.


Having Hunter around should give Marley some peace of mind.  But thanks to her body's attraction to him, she's not getting any peace at all.  Of course having a fling with Hunter can solve that problem as long as she can keep her heart out of the equation and Hunter seems willing to scratch any itch that she has.  What will happen to this couple when the six months is up and Hunter can go on his merry way?  Will it be easy for either of them not to fall in love when they learn more about the person they are sleeping with?


This is a passionate, sexy, emotional story that you don't want to miss.  A MAN FOR MARLEY will have you turning the pages and forgetting you have a normal life.  Make sure the kids are fed, because once you pick up this book, you are not going to want to put it down.  The emotional feelings that pour off the page when reading about Hunter, Marley and their feelings towards Seamus's death will have you grabbing that tissue to wipe away a few tears.  But just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Marley and Hunter set the pages on fire with their steamy sexual attraction to each other. 

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