A Match Made on Madison

Author: Dee Davis

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: April 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Manhattan matchmaker Vanessa Carlson might have bit off more than she can chew when she makes a bet with her former boss and mentor Althea Sevalas. After a few too many martinis, the two decide to make a little wager: whoever can snag “playboy” Mark Grayson as their client will be crowned the ruler of matrimonial Manhattan .

Vanessa has a unique view on what she thinks a perfect marriage match should be and it has nothing to do with love. In Vanessa’s opinion two people with the same background, financial status, and culture will make a happier and longer marriage than a marriage based on love and attraction. Given Vanessa’s success in the matchmaking business, she just might have the right idea, even if it is a little disheartening.


When the bet is made public, the heat is on for Vanessa because Mark is not at all happy with his personal life being made public. With a little help from her family and friends, Vanessa sets her plan in motion to win Mark as her client. Mark is not as convinced as Vanessa is that he even needs a bride, he is perfectly happy with his life the way it is. Vanessa thinks she has the perfect match for Mark: her best friend Cybil. Cybil has just gone through a break-up from her long time boyfriend Stephen, who Vanessa feels is as far from a perfect match as she could get. In Vanessa’s opinion, Mark and Cybil are the perfect match but there was one thing in her equation that she didn’t count on: love.


A MATCH MADE ON MADISON is not your ordinary romance story; it actually makes the reader look at romance from a whole new perspective. With a unique storyline, amusing characters and informative insight into all the hot spots in Manhattan , author Dee Davis has jumped into the world of fun and sexy chick-lit romance with a winner.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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