A Midnight Miracle
By Sherri Myers
Nov 1, 2005 - 9:45:00 AM

Jenna Newsome was trying to get enough money to help save a little boy's life, but as time passes and the huge amount still needed seems impossible to raise, Jenna realizes she needs a miracle.  Christmas is the time for miracles, isn't it, though?


Rem Lincoln has come home to Hilltop, North Carolina, to visit with his father for Christmas.  When he bumps into former classmate Jenna Newsome selling cakes and pies at the fundraiser for Mickey Strack's bone marrow transplant, he is instantly attracted to her.  When she gives him the cold shoulder, Rem decides this is one lady worth pursuing.  Jenna's been burned before by love, and has no intention of allowing it to happen again.  Can Rem convince Jenna she needs to give love a second chance?


As Mickey gets even sicker, and the hope for raising the money is almost gone, poor Jenna begins to lose her Christmas spirit.  Rem has a major decision to make concerning his future, but whom can he talk to who would understand?  Can these two unlikely people become friends, and can they work together to help save little Mickey's life?


Gary E. Parker has penned a fabulously uplifting story just in time for Christmas.  A MIDNIGHT MIRACLE is the story of a kind woman burned by love who finally gets a second chance to experience what love truly is like, and a man who comes to realize love and faith are all he truly needs for happiness.  Will Mickey receive his miracle and bring the spirit back to Christmas in North Carolina?  I recommend reading this wonderful inspirational book to find out.

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