A Mistress Gets a Master

Author: Lois Wencil

Publisher: Wings ePress

Release Date: October 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5


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Lisa Mechintka is being assigned a new guide dog in order to help her get around town. She just wants to get her schooling done in order to get back to her three-year-old son Tommy. Too bad her dog Amber doesn't want to leave the school or her master Boyd Westin, the teacher who is taking a strong interest in Lisa, an interest that is anything but part of the teacher-student relationship. He wants to get to know her as a woman, while Lisa is afraid to start a new relationship after her bitter divorce from her ex-husband David.

Boyd needs every opportunity he can get to insert himself into Lisa's life. When a mutual friend needs Lisa's help, Boyd helps Tina move into Lisa's place, all in the hopes that Lisa will start to see him as more than a friendly teacher. He wants her to see him as a man; it's too bad that Lisa is dealing with David's attempts to gain sole custody of Tommy. Will Boyd be able to gain Lisa's trust and help her win the lawsuit? Will Lisa see that Boyd is the perfect man for her?


A MISTRESS GETS A MASTER is a sweet romance featuring a heroine who has to deal with many changes in her life. Her will to overcome them is very strong, making her a heroine that the reader can identify with. The struggles with love that Lisa also deals with really help to make her a well-rounded heroine. This is a story where the reader will root for Lisa to find her happily-ever-after from the beginning to the end of the story. The imaginative inclusion of the various thoughts from Amber the dog adds a touch of humor and lovable doggy antics to an already charming story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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